2022 A Year in Review

Well another year has flown by – goodbye 2022 and hello 2023.

Here is a little snippet of some of the beautiful memories created throughout 2022
• Newborn
• Maternity
• Sitter
• Cake Smash
• Children
• Family

I’m so happy I was able to create these life long memories for these amazing clients

A Year in Review

I started the year with a visit first off to my son up in Cloncurry before returning a kicking off in the studio with a newborn.

Then the dream of a new bigger studio started to become a reality. 

My little 3m x 6m space had undergone some changes and upgrades over the past 10 years but the space where I set up my props was always tight – setup one prop, dismantle, remove, setup next prop and this always too time.  So the dream of having multiple setups ready to go from one to the other had been just that…. a dream!

Well thanks to my husband’s determination he made that dream become just that …. a reality!!!

We had the space on my long driveway to built a 6m x 9m new purpose built studio!!

So while I was away again visiting my son the ground started to be prepared on the 6th May 2022

But then the rains set in and we had a boggy muddy front yard for over a month.  Clients were having to walk in on planks over the mud.

Then finally the skip bin was pulled to the front yard and on the 14th June it was finally taken away.  Progress was starting!

This meant on the 15th June the foundations were dug in preparation for concreting!  

The boxing was set on the 22nd, and the plastic barrier and mesh were laid. 

At last, the concrete slab poured on the 23rd … after 7 weeks things were finally starting to feel real.

The metal framing started to go up on the 28th, roofing on the next day, and most of the sides by the 30th.

I then had to keep hidden away inside away from everyone even hubby as the I finally succumb to the dreaded Covid 19 virus.

The body aches were like nothing I’ve ever experienced but thankfully that was only for a day along with some flu-like symptoms I soon recovered.

Things then started to become infrequent with the build and the excitement started to waiver 🙁  and so did my photo documenting the build.  Some images I’ll now rely on what Lee was taking

During July I had time with my grandson while they were visiting and then fishing up at Inskip Point with my parents.