Session packages

My Motto

Capturing the Moment, the Memory & the Emotion

I love to capture special moments in time for my clients as those moments you won’t get again as tomorrow things will always be a little different, we all change, children grow so fast and my greatest wish is for these memories to be displayed on the walls in your home for all to see.

For YOU to see each day, to relive those special moments.


“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do”  –  Andy Warhol


Yes having these moments saved as a digital image will keep them, but these is nothing better than PRINTING these memories.  Prints are something your children and their children (& beyond) will always have to remember these moments captured now.  Digital age is always changing and sometimes failing so keeping in print is something that won’t change.



My prints and Wall Art all are printed by professional laboratory (colour calibrated up to 5 times a time for the best quality results) and all have a Warranty from the lab.

Fine Art prints (rag cotton paper) – they confidently give 75+ years archival

Picture Frames – 35 year warranty on workmanship

Canvas – unconditional 75 year warranty (even covers accidental damage) – who else offers this type of guarantee on their products

Wood prints – 35 year warranty

Albums – hand made with 35 year warranty

Acrylic blocks – 35+ year guarantee that will not crack or turn yellow

IceMount acrylic – 30 year guarantee that will not crack or turn yellow


Contact Kerri to book your session now, so I am able to capture your memories and having you display them on the walls in your home!